Sun and Snow Kennels
Our Siberian Huskies
We have four AKC registered Siberian
Huskies in our family.  

Our male is Anatollios Delta. Our
females are Sun and Snows Bella
Stripe, Black Bella, and Drifa.

Anatollios Delta is a 60 pound black and
white husky with beautiful blue eyes.  
He is a sweet loving boy who loves

Bella Stripe is a 45 pound 4 year old
who was born October 2009 from Bell
and Geronimo.   She has beautiful blue
eyes with a small brown spot in her
right eye and her white stripe down her
face travels on down her nose.

Black Bella is a 4 year old black and
white husky with gorgeous blue eyes.
She joined our family in 2011 and has
given us beautiful puppies.

We have kept 1 of Bella Stripe and
Yukon's puppies for future breeding.
Drifa was born 12/30/2011 and is a
pure white husky. We are hoping for
beautiful puppies from her and Delta
in the future.

Drifa is a beautiful Husky and we love
having her in our family.

Contact us soon to reserve your puppy.
November 2007:   Bell was
so happy after her pups
were born!
Two of Bell and Geronimo's November 2007 pups
Female from  Bell's Feb, 2009 Litter
Lady Silver Bell-Retired

Mr. Black and Ms. Pink playing outside
November 27, 2010
Bella Stripe
Misty-Proud Mamma 7/13/12
Ms Pink - Sold      Black Bella and Delta puppies 2013!         Mr Blue - Sold
Black Bella and Delta

puppies born


All have gone home!