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Sun and Snows Ladybug
Specializing in Labrador Retrievers
We are a subsidiary of Lake Side Sales,
Inc, which is located in the hills of West
Virginia, USA. Our company is dedicated to
providing healthy,
AKC registered
Labrador Retrievers. Our labs are raised
in the loving environment of our family
and are very gentle, loving dogs.  We
hope you will enjoy looking at our puppies
and decide to take one home. The
unconditional love of a dog is a very
special part of life. To have that tail
wagging and happy face meet you at the
door every day can only bring you joy.

Our mission is to provide you with quality
AKC registered Labrador Retrievers who
will brighten your day. Our website is
designed to let you feel the joy of owning
a lab. We will be happy to answer any
questions you have about our dogs. We
hope that during your time at Sun and
Snow Kennels you will find the puppy of
your dreams for yourself or someone
special in your life.
Thank you for stopping by and sharing our
Photo by Beth Spencer
Sun and Snows Lightning Bug is 4 years old and
is the daughter of Cassie and Rocco. She is a
sweet loving English Yellow Lab who would
rather be with people than running with the
other dogs.

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Sun and Snows Perseus Jag is the
newest family member of Sun and Snow
Kennels.  He is a 3 year old English
Black Lab who loves to run and play. He
rarely takes any down time.
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Sun and Snows Chara is a 4
year old English Black Lab
who is a sister to Lightning
and the daughter of Cassie
and Rocco. She loves to
play with the other dogs
and also give kisses to
people. It is so much fun to
watch the dogs rung and
play in the orchard.  

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Cassie 2007